Goodbye English Rose

Goodbye English Rose

We’re mourning the passing this morning of the Great Pink Hair Experiment, which regrettably passed away at approximately 10:00 last night due to an unfortunate bout of not-being-able-to-bleach-my-hair-again-without-risking-it-falling-off disease, possibly the longest-named such illness in the history of hair care.  It had also faded to several different stripes of pink, which was no longer cool-looking at all.

I like the new color, I guess.  I already miss knowing I’ll stand out in a crowd, though.  Now I have to rely on my personality again. 😦  I LOOKED SO COOL.  It made me pretend I was cool.  Eric loved it too.  He liked having a punk girlfriend.  I haven’t cried or anything but I do feel a little teary writing about it.  Shut up.  I’m really a lot more sad than I counted on being.

Unless I have a total change of heart, I’ll probably end up going back pink once my hair gets a break.  It was a lot of fun.  I’ve never liked being the center of attention, but it really made me come out of my shell and get used to being looked at.  People came up to me to talk to me all the time, especially when it was bright, like the picture.  It turned into a whole social experiment, and I learned a lot from it.. about myself and other people.  It might sound cheesy, but it’s true.  Don’t believe me?

Try it. Dare ya.

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