I know you like what’s on my mind

We’ve been gone for a few days to see Eric’s family.  We were building a swing set for his cousin’s son (and unborn child).  We’re going back next weekend for a family reunion and that should be fun as long as I don’t get any more sunburned.  Allen got sunburned on the tops of his feet, and his feet and ankles swelled up and it’s pretty bad.  I just got burned on the back of my neck above my collar (ugh, what an awful tan line THAT’S going to be) and on my face.

I had the craziest dream…

Just kidding, I’m not going to start blogging about my dreams.  People think I’m weird enough as it is.

While we were at Robin’s, a groundhog had crawled under a desk on the porch of an old lady’s apartment, and we were all looking at it.  Picture it.  A crowd of adults piled together staring at this poor little creature who probably wanted to run away, but was trapped in by us.  It probably just wanted to get cool, but no, there it was with all eyes upon it.  I thought (therefore I said), “It would be funny if it jumped up and started to sing.”  Like the frog from the Warner Brothers cartoon?  Anybody?  No?  Yeah that’s pretty much the reaction I got from them, too.  I can’t help it that I was born with an extremely active imagination.

Then I told everyone that whenever I see people, I make up stories in my head about them.  I create a whole scenario about who they are, what they’re waiting for, what’s waiting for them.  Sometimes I name people in my head.  If you ever introduce yourself and I seem surprised, it’s because I thought your name was Kate, or Geoff, or something else.  I’m never right.  It never stops me, either.

When I say “People think I’m strange,” I’m not being a 17-year-old wanna-be antisocialite.  I have an artistic nature in the midst of a large group of very practical people.  I’m a little whimsical, a little offbeat, and I think it’s funny to say things that will make people question whether or not I’ve been doing drugs (which, lately, is usually “No.”)
My own family is very artistic too, so until I moved away, I didn’t realize that it was even anything strange.  I’m pretty normal in my family, maybe even a little boring.  Now.. well.. you know.  I’m sort of obvious.

I’m going to start writing about my imaginary friends and pretending they’re real.

We’ll see who’s laughing then.


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