Visiting the Coast – Christmas 2008

What a long, long trip.

It’s impossible to try to sum up everything that happened while I was on the Coast.  It was a really great visit, and we ended up staying for 12 days instead of the 3 we’d planned on.

I am unspeakably grateful to Eric for giving me this visit.  He pushed me to stay longer when I wasn’t sure I had the energy anymore, pushed me to take the steps I wanted to take to bring my family back together.  Kept me calm for the most part.  And on top of it all, he was great with everyone – I was glad he relaxed enough so that I got to show off how funny he is!

We had a great Christmas at my Nana’s, and an awesome New Years’ Eve on Bourbon Street.  I reconciled with any family members I felt I had grown apart from.  We had way too much food while we were home, and I laughed so hard I cried a few times.

My older-younger sister had us over for dinner, I got drunk with my baby sister  for the first time, and with Emily it was like I never left.  My new ring was unanimously adored, and we came home with our Blazer absolutely loaded with stuff – even though “no one is doing presents this year.”

The luck of the cars was not on our side.  Ashley’s car broke down when I was driving it, I finally got pulled over by a Pass Christian cop (seriously? only now?), and our brakes went out.  Not all at the same time, thankfully.  Still, it was the best Christmas I’ve had in a long time.. and if I only count the adult ones, not the magical, perfect childhood holidays?  Probably the best yet.

Let me say this.  Man will never invent a substitute for a true, heartfelt hug from a person you love.

So here’s to 2009.  Wishing you rest and hope for this brand new year – and I hope you were able to believe, at least for a moment, that this year will, in fact, be better than the last.

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