From Crisis to Bliss

January is always a slow month for us. Eric always gets off work sometime right before Christmas, sometimes around his birthday, so Christmas is based on whether or not we can save our money through the end of December. We did awesome at that this year, and we saved enough money to have a nice trip to visit my family. We didn’t really save much money for the beyond-the-holidays, so we knew the first two weeks of January would be tight, and they were, but here we are at the end of it no worse the wear.

Well. The bank account could use a little boost, but that’ll be another couple of weeks.

We’ve been really lucky so far with this whole economic downfall thing.  I guess it’s because we had already made a lot of downgrades, but we’re not really feeling too much hurt right now. Eric’s planning on having more work this year than ever before and we’re still on track to pay off a lot of stuff this year.  And yet.. we get to reap the positive benefits of the current crisis.

Yes, you heard me right.

There are good things happening because of this. For the past 30 years, our culture has become consumed with the desire for MORE. We eat more, spend more, drive more, wear more, waste more. There are entire generations who have no idea of the value of a dollar. We have no concept of what it is to go without, no concept of sacrifice.

The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep trying to live like they’re just that rich. The media gives us a look into every aspect of lives most of us will never be able to attain. We see the way the “other half” live, and it leaves us filled with dissatisfaction with our lives. And yet, so many of us are still truly blessed with what we have. And we’re going to be taught to appreciate it.

Who *didn’t* experience a downgraded Christmas this year? And out of all of the people who spent less than they ever have on the holidays.. I wonder how many found, like my family, that the holidays were enriched because of the focus on people and not things.

Yes, it is awful when a person who has worked hard his whole life loses everything. I don’t think that anyone “deserves” to shoulder the loss to teach us these lessons. But hopefully it’s a turning point for society. Hopefully our priorities will shift back to our people, our loves – and for god’s sake, maybe we as a people will start to think for ourselves again.

..But that last part may be hoping for a little too much. 😉

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