At the Library

We’re walking out of the library; I’d had to send a fax.  It’s a gorgeous afternoon, and we’re so rarely outside during the day now.  I’m walking about two steps ahead of him – I always am, because he always opens doors for me.

There’s a girl walking past us; I don’t pay much attention to her, except that when Eric quickens his step to catch up with me and starts to lean in to say something, I think he’s going to talk about her.

She’s really not that cute. Not enough to catch his attention, I think.

He leans closer to me, almost close enough to whisper except it’s hard to whisper when you’re walking, and we’re still walking to the car.  His voice is low, though; it’s a secret.

“You have a really cute butt,” he says, and takes an affectionate swipe at me.

“She has a really cute butt,” I think I hear, but only for a second.  I start to laugh and grab his hand, even though we’re at the car and it’s keeping him from going to the drivers’ side. 

“I love you,” I say, and I mean it.

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