So I’ve been getting a teeny-tiny bit of traffic here lately.  It’s directly related to the fact that I’ve been reading other people’s blogs, but maybe I’ll one day build up a little following of my own.  Yeah, I’m crossing the line between “Amy’s space to put up shit no one else will read” and “Amy’s constant desire for recognition.”  I’ll get over it.

I’m thinking about starting a wedding blog.  Most of the blogs I’ve been reading lately are wedding blogs.  I’m obsessed right now with my own – in case you didn’t know.  Although if you’ve talked to me lately.. you know.  I don’t even have a date set, but the planning part is SO much fun!  If I start a separate blog for just wedding stuff, then no one who isn’t interested will have to be bothered.  Also, it will be a place to send the family to get updates on the process, without necessarily exposing my writing to them.  Most of my stuff gets crossposted to several places, but this is the one I consider “private”.  It’s not, I know, but I like to think of it that way.  (How funny would it be if I just crossposted this blog.  “No, YOU’RE the most special of all of them!  The only truly original one.”)

My self-worth is a little high today because less than 24 hours after emailing my resume, I got called for an interview.  I didn’t go, because I wasn’t expecting it to happen that fast and they wanted me to be there likerightthen.  It would’ve been a good job though, so that gives me hope that I won’t end up flipping burgers.  The lady sounded excited to have me come in, but yesterday was “the only day” they were interviewing.  Sucks.

Oh well, there are actually a surprising number of listings for this area right now.  It works out anyway because Eric’s grandmother is staying with us, and his mom asked me if I could look out for her when they’re at work.  (Actually, that was one reason I went on the frenzied send-out-my-resume-right-now job listing search, but now it’s too late and I already said I’d help.  Because I always say yes.)

Anyway, eventually I’ll put more creativity into my writing and less into planning a wedding-without-a-date, but for now, something has to suffer.  I’m not good at obsessing over multiple things.  So less crap poetry and more crap centerpiece ideas!  Love.


2 responses to “Traffic

  1. Hey!
    I saw you commented on an blog post, and you mentioned that you wanted to create an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding??

    Well, there’s an Offbeat Tribe user named evarie, who has created an Alice themed inspiration board. Check it out

    • Thanks! I love that. I am going to make my own eventually, but I’m not in any hurry since we haven’t set a date – and it will probably be awhile before we do. It’s fun to plan, even though when reality hits I realize I have a *lot* to do before I pay for a wedding. Anyway, thanks for the info and the visit!

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