Just to let you know.

Well, we’re for-real for-sure in the last days of the Amy-and-Eric-not-working thing. Eric will start back to work in the next week or so.. we’re not exactly sure on that one but we never are.  I have an interview on May 1 for a summer job if I don’t find anything permanent before then.

We’ve had fun, even if we hate not working.  (Yeah sure.)  We’ve had a ton of “date nights” ..  I’m not sure they count if you’re not doing anything else, but whatever.  We learned to make sushi.. that was awesome. We’ve had fried catfish and crabcakes.. it’s basically been like an at-home culinary vacation.

So that’s up with me.  Literally. I’ve learned to cook a few more things, and that’s all that’s up with me.

Oh I diagnosed myself as having an anxiety disorder.  Like that took any brains to figure out.  I’ll be checking with a dr on that as soon as I can.

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