I want to write.. so I guess that means I should write. Write often; write daily. Always busy, always excuses. I have pets now, my Christmas tree is up this year, it feels like snow. We’re watching X-Files and I’ve been up all night and my writing is SO RUSTY and I just want to put something down so that tomorrow won’t be the start. The second day is easier right? No, you’re right, it’s just the same amount of pressure.

Let’s set a goal: three times a week? Every other day finding something to write about. Okay, current events are fair game. Silly narratives about my pets, and maybe I’ll remember to tell you all about my zombie tattoo (that I don’t have). Anonymous me – I almost started a new blog then decided to just post here again. Maybe something will happen here.

Our cat Boo is very odd; standoffish and relentlessly needy. Alice is our favorite, fat and bad and adorable. Itty Bitty – I’ve just been calling her Itsy lately – is everybody’s baby. Casper is my first dog, and I guess that says everything I need to say about how exasperating and adored he is.

It’s Eric’s 29th birthday today.

I stopped blogging when I started being really into my Google Reader. Weird.

I’ll finish college this time next year.

I shouldn’t be up at 7 am.

Merry Christmas, let’s talk again soon. XOXO.

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