Today was my first designated homework day since Fall Break, so it was pretty much guaranteed that I would spend the day a) finding some awesome new music , b) shopping, c) shopping more, and d) grocery shopping. You don’t get a link for that one. Actually, here. I can load coupons from the internet onto my Kroger card, so when I’m shopping in the store, all I have to do is swipe my card and I. Save. Money. Also, they sent me a book of personalized coupons for things I have a history of buying. Um, hello FREE STUFF. At first it was a little Big Brother, then I decided it wasn’t creepy, just really cool.

Did you look at the first shopping link? Do that.

Itty Bitty follows me everywhere I go. She will find a way to wedge herself in my lap even if at that moment I don’t have a lap. She also purrs a lot and we call her my shadow, which I think is especially funny since she’s silvery grey … like…. a shadow.. (It might be funnier in my head.) Alice seems to have especially sensitive eyes, because she flinches away from EVERYTHING. Boo is still just weird fat Boo, and Casper’s favorite game at the moment is a terrifying game of chicken in which he races in front of my car as I’m pulling out of the driveway. I do not like this game. Tonight he ran into the side of the car and still thought we were playing. We have to find a solution for this.

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