Link This.

Yesterday at work I saw a girl – and I do mean GIRL – sucking her thumb … while holding a baby which was presumably hers.

I came up with my Christmas list. I’m asking for a pair of Sperrys (I keep hearing how great they are, and I’m desperate for some super comfortable, quality shoes) and one other gift that Eric can pick. Preferably a small opal ring. It’s my birthstone, you know. I advised him that if the opal doesn’t have a lot of fire, don’t bother. My stepmother gave me an opal ring once but I must have lost it since I don’t have it any more.

My sister’s baby shower is coming up and I am beyond upset that I can’t be there. It’s the weekend before Christmas, and taking time off from work that week is just not an option. I’m hoping to make a trip as soon after the holidays as possible.. I want to see her before this baby comes! She’s due in February, so I think I can make it.

Alice is being particularly sweet tonight. Boo, who we think may be in heat (ick), has been oddly tolerant of the dog this week. She pushed her nose into his ear canal yesterday (which looked even more hilarious than it sounds), and I think he let her because he was so surprised she wasn’t scratching him – although if I’d been him, I would have been skeptical of letting her face so close. She doesn’t have a history of being affectionate towards the pup. She was nice to him tonight, too.

Eric made the most FANTASTIC chili tonight. What is it about cold weather and heavily spiced food? I made cornbread even though we’re out of eggs. I just added ranch dressing and cheese, because I’m pretty sure those two things make everything okay. And they did.

I’ve been listening to rockabilly since yesterday (see #4, 12-05-2010). My music website of choice at the moment is Jango, which I prefer over Pandora because there are no hour limits and you can skip however many songs you want and there are very few commercial interruptions. Right now Link Wray is playing the Batman theme, which is why I bothered to tell you all of that.

The narcissist in me really likes this journaling thing. I also like not trying to garner an audience. All of my other blogs have been about readers! views! stats! comments! This. Is. About. ME. I’m writing to me, aka you. To the void. I’d keep a paper journal but it seems so antiquated and I’d never, ever, ever keep up with it. I’d throw the whole thing away. Odd that this intangible cyberspace still somehow has more of a sense of permanence than an actual made-out-metal-and-trees notebook. I guess it’s just the convenience with which you (*I*) can just erase the whole damn thing and pretend it never happened. I tend not to like what I’ve written after I’m finished.

I’ve decided to keep trying until I do like it.

Now Listening To: It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels – Kitty Wells

Update: Itty Bitty seems to really like Hank Williams (the first). Really, kitten?

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