This week was the first time I had two days off in a row since Amber’s wedding (and I was pretty busy then, being a bridesmaid and all), so I really enjoyed having a chance to rest. I got two pairs of shoes yesterday – I really did intend on getting the Sperrys but once I tried them on, I didn’t feel like they were ME at all. However, these and these? So rad. They were on sale at Journey’s and I’m so super psyched about them. I really needed comfortable shoes for work, but I hate athletic shoes and pretty much any shoe that is designed for ‘comfort.’ I haven’t had the chance to break these in yet, but they feel really comfortable (even though neither pair is in my size – they were so cheap because there was only one size of each left! Luckily my size split the middle and Eric bought me both pair). I really, really wanted something different (I gravitate towards Converse-style shoes and flats) .. so much so that I seriously considered these shoes until I saw the Osiris on display! They might be my favorite Christmas present from Eric (besides the year we got engaged, of course).

I made my first gumbo tonight! It was so good that I didn’t realize until hours after we ate that I forgot to put the frozen “gumbo vegetables” in. I had plenty of fresh celery, onions, and peppers so it was alright. I also would have liked it to have been a little thicker (the okra in the vegetable mix would have helped with that, and I used too much of the stock) but I was proud of myself for making the roux from scratch.

All in all, even though things are not perfect right now, our house is happy and cheerful. Eric and I both remarked yesterday that we sort of felt like this week was our Christmas week (I’m sure the shopping had something to do with that) – and it has been really lovely. I’ve been trying to soak up as much happiness as I can.. I know the highs never last forever, but I feel like if I try really hard to recognize and appreciate them while they’re happening, they’re easier to hold on to when things get tough. I think journaling will help that – often when I reread posts I can recall the emotions I was feeling when I wrote them. Speaking of tough times, starting tomorrow I have to focus on the final for my last class this semester!

Watching before bed: Alice in Wonderland (1999) starring Tina Marjorino. Gene Wilder and Ben Kingsley? Oh my, yes.

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