Well, things look better financially – a relief right before Christmas! Also, Eric told me what he really got me for Christmas – I’m not telling until it gets here, but it’s PERFECT. I’m so excited! He asked what I wanted and I gave him a list.. this wasn’t any of the items I asked for but something I wanted more than anything else! I don’t mind that he told me now instead of waiting – the anticipation is much sweeter now that I know what I’m waiting for!

I signed up for Twitter today – it’s not confusing but it is a little intimidating. I’m going to give it some time.

It’s been a really nice holiday season. I’m looking forward to seeing the inlaws on Christmas Day, and our tree is SO pretty and except for a little stress (would it be Christmas without it?) it’s been pretty relaxed. EXCEPT for work. Gah, it’s obvious that most shoppers have never worked retail. I can’t wait until it’s over so I can get a little break! Also, baking to combat homesickness is definitely starting to take its toll. I don’t mind. That’s what spring is for.

Lunar eclipse tonight! Gonna bundle up and check it out. Geeky.

Edit 3/5/2011 – Okay I’ll come clean – I totally turned into a twitter addict. Follow me (@amygrem)!

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