About dangermarie

I’m given to fits of fantasy and I think I’m riotously clever.

I don’t usually think a whole lot about what I’m putting up here; I recognize that it’s both a strength and a weakness to be so uncensored, but I do at least try to edit for spelling. 

Like everyone else, I’m just working out some issues. Unfortunately, I’m trying to do that in a way that may someday produce a successful writing career.  Unfortunate because I’m pretty sure I have only moderate talent.  My parents and teachers all told me that I was special, which is probably another reason I believe that I am not.

Nonetheless, I continue to write. I am currently preparing for the launch of my new website, fsck.co, as well as finishing my English degree and working my way up the retail ladder, so my writing is sporadic at best, but (as Joaquin Phoenix once drunkenly swore) …
I’m still here.


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