I am so proud of Eric tonight. He’ll be receiving information in the mail soon on earning his bachelor’s degree. I love this man.


Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead = one of my new favorite movies ever. The ridiculous humor definitely plays tribute to the absurdist comedy Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, but in a totally accessible way. Hamlet + vampires + shtick = LOVE. I’m going to need to watch this a million more times.

Well, things look better financially – a relief right before Christmas! Also, Eric told me what he really got me for Christmas – I’m not telling until it gets here, but it’s PERFECT. I’m so excited! He asked what I wanted and I gave him a list.. this wasn’t any of the items I asked for but something I wanted more than anything else! I don’t mind that he told me now instead of waiting – the anticipation is much sweeter now that I know what I’m waiting for!

I signed up for Twitter today – it’s not confusing but it is a little intimidating. I’m going to give it some time.

It’s been a really nice holiday season. I’m looking forward to seeing the inlaws on Christmas Day, and our tree is SO pretty and except for a little stress (would it be Christmas without it?) it’s been pretty relaxed. EXCEPT for work. Gah, it’s obvious that most shoppers have never worked retail. I can’t wait until it’s over so I can get a little break! Also, baking to combat homesickness is definitely starting to take its toll. I don’t mind. That’s what spring is for.

Lunar eclipse tonight! Gonna bundle up and check it out. Geeky.

Edit 3/5/2011 – Okay I’ll come clean – I totally turned into a twitter addict. Follow me (@amygrem)!

Fa La La La La

It’s just another cozy night. I’m wearing a sparkly skirt with leggings and polka-dot socks. Also, a pink hair flower with a skull in the center that I got on Beale Street and which looks ADORABLE with a low side ponytail. I feel festive. We’re watching Shutter Island, drinking wine, and we decorated our Christmas tree (finally).

Life’s not all roses and candy (I don’t like roses that much but candy is nice sometimes) … things are pretty scary right now on the financial front. But we’re both doing what we can and I’m trying as hard as I can not to let anxiety rule my life. I think I’m doing alright. I express concerns when I need to, he listens when I need him to, and we’re making a good team. Plus, how sad can you be with a kitten asleep on your lap?

I think I’m gonna make it through.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Itty Bitty got herself stuck in a tree at 6 am, which seriously distressed Casper. That wasn’t why I opened my edit window, but it popped into my head as soon as I got here. I opened this to mention that Casper has now spilled TWO glasses of my wine. Sad. 😦

Also, Itty Bitty is currently pursuing her favorite game, which could be called “Fish a Piece of Dog Food Out of the Dog Bowl and Bat It Around The Living Room And Kitchen For an Hour” if it weren’t such an unwieldy name. Don’t worry though. The dog periodically roams around the living room and eats the stray pieces of food.

I got a 100 on my final exam for Homeland Security! That means a) I’ve gotten all As since I went back to school and b) I’m out for Christmas break.

I made my first baklava and it was fantastic. I had pretty high standards to hold it up to, since my Nana makes the best baklava ever, but mine tasted a lot like hers so I was really happy. It didn’t last long. (The baklava I mean. The happiness is still hanging around.)

My blog traffic decreased by 800% (meaning it went from 8 views to 1) the day I changed the name from “Just A Little Girl in a Pornstar World” to “Working Title”. I’m okay with that.

It’s a very cold pre-Christmas. I like it.


This week was the first time I had two days off in a row since Amber’s wedding (and I was pretty busy then, being a bridesmaid and all), so I really enjoyed having a chance to rest. I got two pairs of shoes yesterday – I really did intend on getting the Sperrys but once I tried them on, I didn’t feel like they were ME at all. However, these and these? So rad. They were on sale at Journey’s and I’m so super psyched about them. I really needed comfortable shoes for work, but I hate athletic shoes and pretty much any shoe that is designed for ‘comfort.’ I haven’t had the chance to break these in yet, but they feel really comfortable (even though neither pair is in my size – they were so cheap because there was only one size of each left! Luckily my size split the middle and Eric bought me both pair). I really, really wanted something different (I gravitate towards Converse-style shoes and flats) .. so much so that I seriously considered these shoes until I saw the Osiris on display! They might be my favorite Christmas present from Eric (besides the year we got engaged, of course).

I made my first gumbo tonight! It was so good that I didn’t realize until hours after we ate that I forgot to put the frozen “gumbo vegetables” in. I had plenty of fresh celery, onions, and peppers so it was alright. I also would have liked it to have been a little thicker (the okra in the vegetable mix would have helped with that, and I used too much of the stock) but I was proud of myself for making the roux from scratch.

All in all, even though things are not perfect right now, our house is happy and cheerful. Eric and I both remarked yesterday that we sort of felt like this week was our Christmas week (I’m sure the shopping had something to do with that) – and it has been really lovely. I’ve been trying to soak up as much happiness as I can.. I know the highs never last forever, but I feel like if I try really hard to recognize and appreciate them while they’re happening, they’re easier to hold on to when things get tough. I think journaling will help that – often when I reread posts I can recall the emotions I was feeling when I wrote them. Speaking of tough times, starting tomorrow I have to focus on the final for my last class this semester!

Watching before bed: Alice in Wonderland (1999) starring Tina Marjorino. Gene Wilder and Ben Kingsley? Oh my, yes.

Tonight I’m watching season 5 of Always Sunny, drinking wine, and cuddling with my Itsy. Nothing really happened today, but this would be a nice end to any day.